The Asymm Disc wheel is a breakthrough in aerodynamic design, a Worlds first introduced by Revolver back in 2015.  A concept validated by many hours of Wind Tunnel testing proving the advantages of its wind cheating contours.  Test data has since been backed up by real world results with 9 x National TT Senior Records and 15 x National Senior Championship Titles taken in 2018-19 alone making it the most successfully used and  ‘go to’ Disc wheel in recent years.

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The Asymm disc wheel range have an Asymmetrical cross section profile developed by Revolver.  This breakthrough in design came together by going back to the drawing board and re-designing each side of the wheel independently.  The result of this process is a wheel with completely different shaped ‘drive’  and ‘non drive’ sides, both using lenticular profiles, but in different ways within the confines of the practical space available.  Built using a very light donor sub wheel which is then strengthened by fully bonded Carbon Fiber structural disc skins creates a wheel with the comfort of a regular road wheel which can be ridden for hours without the buildup of vibration fatigue, making it an ideal choice for longer events such as Full and Half Iron distance Triathlon.


Most modern wider rim race wheels developed in recent years allow for the use of faster rolling (lower Crr) wider tyres but there’s usually an aerodynamic trade off to consider.  The 2020 Asymm  is available in two rim options – ‘Regular’ with a wide 19mm inner bead track recommended for use with 23mm or 25mm tyres for optimal aerodynamic tyre to rim interface and  ‘XWide’ with a market leading 21mm inner bead track recommended for optimal use with 25mm or 28mm tyres.  Note that frame and brake clearances must be taken into consideration when thinking of going  XWide with Rim Brake models.


Our improvements in rim design don’t stop at going wide.  High glass transitional temperature (hiTg) epoxy resins are used in place of regular epoxy resins and cured at higher temperatures resulting in  greater elimination of minute air pockets within the rim structure.  Graphene material is added to the lay up reducing road vibration as well as weight while increasing stiffness and impact strength with a brake track Mohs hardness of 10.  Finally our Arc Dispersal Track (ADT) a CNC machining process applied to the brake track increasing brake modulation in wet conditions by reducing rim surface water build up while assisting heat dispersal under dry braking enhancing overall braking performance by approximately 20%.

The ADT process is omitted from Discbrake models as not required.


The drive side of the Asymm has our Wave Lenticular Profile comprising of a wide central lens area that flows seamlessly into a deep toroidal bulging outer rim designed to work best with wider 23mm, 25mm and even 28mm tyres .  Wider tyres have less rolling resistance and when combined with our aero optimised flared brake track are without aerodynamic penalty.  This sophisticated design out performs all flat sided discs in any angle of yaw while still allowing full use of all cassette options including 12 speed.

The non-drive side of the Asymm is completely different.  A deeply dished perfect lens that makes full use of the lateral space available,  greater here due to the lack of a drivetrain system.  This is the ultimate shape for a wheel out performing any other at all Yaw angles and is currently only seen on the very best track specific discs wheels available such as those used by Team GB.

The combination of these profiles, both the ultimate shape for purpose, a rim designed specifically for wider faster rolling tyres and our vibration soaking construction method produce a wheel with unparalleled all round performance.  Quite simply the fastest TT/Triathlon specific wheel available.



Rear Disc wheel comparison ASYMM vs HELIKON vs HED JET PLUS, Boardman Performance Centre, UK

Rear Disc wheel comparison ASYMM vs ZIPP SUPER 9 Mitchell Wind tunnel, Southampton, UK


Carbon fibre disc wheel Fully bonded spoked internal structure
Drive side 3K Carbon fibre/Epoxy – Wave Lenticular Design
Non Drive 3K Carbon fibre/Epoxy – Gradual Lenticular Form
Format Clincher / Tubeless / Tubular
23.8mm outer width / 19mm inner track width
Carbon Fibre Rim track Regular – Etrto 622 x 19mm – Flared 25mm to 26mm outer

XWide – Etrto 622 x 21mm – Flared 27mm to 28mm outer

Hub component options DT SWISS 350 / 240
Axle Options Quick release 130mm

Thru Axle, Central lock, 12/100mm front 12/142mm rear

Quick release skewer Titanium rod /Aluminium Alloy cam arm & nut (black)
Cassette body Aluminium alloy, Ratchet System (black)
Compatibility Shimano/Sram 10/11s,  SRAM 12s XDR,  Campagnolo 10/11s
Internal spokes Sapim CX Ray (black), Sapim sils Brass lock nipples
Brake type Caliper or Discbrake
Tyre Pressures (Max) Clincher – 115psi

Tubeless – 100psi

Tubular – 145psi

Inflate using a Track Pump & Disc Pipe adaptor


+/- 30g Note: For Tubeless rim format add 30g per wheelset

Asymm 240 models (350 models +plus 50g
– Carbon Clincher 1235g
– Carbon Tubeless/Clincher 1255g
– Carbon Tubular 1145g
XWide SL Model 1135g

Maximum Recommended Rider Weights

Revolver Asymm 95kg

Additional information

Disc Model

Asymm Regular, Asymm XWide, Asymm XWide SL

Tyre Format

, ,

Cassette Compatibility

, ,

Decal Colour


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