At Revolver we strive to continually improve the performance of our products with a rolling programme of aerodynamic testing.  Aerodynamic drag accounts for between 70-90% of the forward moving resistance encountered by a cyclist on the flat at typical race speeds. This outweighs all other factors such as weight and rolling resistance which is why we focus on this area in particular.  We currently gather our aerodynamic data via two methods – Wind Tunnel Testing & Alphamantis Track Testing.  These methods are used by top flight Professional Teams & National squads including Team GB as the most reliable & consistent data gathering methods available.

Wind tunnel testing

We carry out our testing at the R J Mitchell facility at the University of Southampton, England.  The tests done here use a cycling specific rig and are carried out at  relevant wind speeds and yaw angles typically encountered by a rider.  The subject rider is pedalling and wheels are in motion to gather data that is as close to real world conditions  as possible.  CdA (coefficient of drag) figures are calculate from the data gathered which in turn can be converted into approximate time savings.

Harry Walker in Tunnel Testing Revolver Disc
testing revolver wheels in wind tunnel

Alphamantis Testing

This is carried out at the Wales National Indoor Velodrome, Newport.  This type of ‘real time’ testing involves our subject rider lapping the track using various wheels for comparison. The information is gathered by a power rig which transmits the data from the bike & rider to the Alphamantis testers computer within the track centre. The software calculates the CdA of the rider which is compared to the test baseline figure already established.  This in our case determines the performance of that particular wheel being tested.

Revolver Wheels Alphamantis Testing
Aerocoah testing Revolver Wheels Kronostok


Front wheels 50mm ref
Zipp 404 NSW -40
Kronostok 7 clincher -38
Kronostok 6 clincher -36
Kronostok 7 tubular -31
Reynolds 92 -30
Trispoke mini disc -30
Trispoke -23
Standard 50mm 0
FFWD Trispoke 7
Reynolds 72 8
Revolver Kronostok Alphamantis Testing Data
Discs Time saved over 40km CdA Wattage
Zipp Super 9 0 0.2394 4.5
Revolver Asymm -25 0.234 0
Revolver Asymm Alphamantis Testing Data