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Front & rear wheelset

KRONOSTOK FWS 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 7 & 8 are UCI Approved

New for 2017 the ‘Kronostok FWS’ wheelset range comes in five rim depths and is available in clincher and tubular tyre formats. With wide 25mm full carbon rims, these wheels work best with tyre widths of 23mm to 28mm for superior rolling resistance, rider comfort and an uncompromised aerodynamic performance.  Braking is outstanding due to the use of high temperature Tg durable epoxy resins with an etched brake track resistant to temperatures of up to 240 degrees.  This enables a rider to tackle the most technical routes with a confident aproach resulting in a thrilling overall experience.  The FWS models are the ultimate performance choice for – Triathlon, TT, Road racing & Sportive. Allowed for use in UCI, ITU & ETU drafting events.


Rim – Filament Winding System (FWS) T700 Toray Uni-directional full carbon fibre, High glass transition temperature (hiTg) Epoxy,
Format – Clincher or Tubular (What’s this?)
Maximum tyre pressure – Clincher 125psi / Tubular 145psi
Brake track rim width – 25.5 – 26.5mm tapered
Internal bead rim width – 18.25mm
Rim depths – 45, 55, 69, 79mm

  • Revolver 333, 3K Carbon/Aluminium alloy anodised-Front 20h radial, 2 bearings (699×2) Rear 24h radial non-drive, x2 drive, 4 bearings (6802×2 + 6902×2)
  • DT Swiss 350 Front & Rear straightpull, 36 ratchet system.
  • DT Swiss 240s Front & Rear straightpull, 36 ratchet system.

Skewers – Quick release Titanium
Cassette body:

  • 333 hub: 7075 Aluminium, 6 Pawl system with Stainless Steel ANTI-BITE.
  • DT Swiss 350 & 240s hub options, Aluminium 36 ratchet.

Compatibility – Shimano/Sram, Campagnolo- 10/11
Spokes – Sapim CX Ray black, external Sapim brass lock nipples.
Brake type – Calliper (All disc hub option available)
Warranty – 2 Years

Available in any front/rear depth combinations

Carbon specific brake pads supplied

NoteRims are custom made for each order, contact for lead time/availability

Maximum rider weights

Guidance only

3.5 – 85kg
4.5 – 90kg
5.5 – 95kg
7     – 100kg
8     – 105kg

Wheelset weights

Weights +/- 30g

With Revolver 333 Carbon Hub

3.5 – clincher 1400g. – tubular 1220g
4.5 – clincher 1470g. – tubular 13110g
5.5 – clincher 1550g. – tubular 1375g
7 – clincher 1665g. – tubular 1560g
8 – clincher 1740g. – tubular 1625g

Weights with DT Swiss 240 straightpull hubs please minus 15g
Weights with DT Swiss 350 straightpull hubs please add 40g

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All Kronostok FWS rims are super-light in comparison to most other brands within their relevant range of depths due to the manufacturing process and grades of materials used. Each rim is made with continuously wound carbon fibre filaments using high glass transition temperature (hiTg) Epoxy resin, cured at higher temperatures than traditional rim manufacturing processes (200 degrees). The result is a rim that can withstand braking temperatures of up to 240 degrees, allowing confident prolonged braking on the longest of  descents.This manufacturing process also reduces minute air pockets within the rim structure increasing impact resistant strength.

Our Kronostok FWS rims as with all Revolver models use blunt, rounded trailing edge profiles to deliver maximum overall aerodynamic performance in a wide range of yaw angles and build into a wheel with outstanding handling characteristics that simply can’t be achieved using traditional V shaped rims.  Our set range is built onto our durable, Revolver brand 333 Carbon/Aluminium hubs with straight-pull design and an oversized drive side flange for increased lateral stiffness.  To lace these together we use in our opinion the best spoke available, Sapim’s CX Ray. The reputation of this spoke as the most aerodynamic available to the wheel-builder is legendary. Add to this the fact that they’re, also one of the lightest, stiffest stainless steel spokes out there, makes them the ultimate choice. Practical external, Sapim brass lock nipples are used for the purpose of easy maintenance to complete the build. All Kronostok FWS wheelsets are included in the list of UCI Approved wheels allowing there use in UCI- Road Events, ITU & ETU- Triathlon Elite & Age Group Drafting events, which is becoming more and more important to the competitive rider.

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     Kronostok 240 HUb CloseKronostok 240 Wheelset


Additional information

Tyre Format

Clincher, Tubeless / Clincher Compatible, Tubular


Kronostok 3.5, Kronostok 4.5, Kronostok 5.5, Kronostok 7, Kronostok 8, Kronostok 4.5/5.5, Kronostok 5.5/7, Kronostok 7/8

Cassette Compatibility

Campagnolo, Shimano/SRAM


DT Swiss 240 Straight Pull, DT Swiss 350 Straight Pull, Revolver 333 Carbon Straight Pull (FWS Only)

Decal Colour

Black, Grey, White

Lead Time

There is a 2 to 4 week lead time for all Revolver Wheels and 1-2 weeks on all arm rests’


We are happy to offer an exchange or refund. Perhaps the item is not what you want, it doesn’t fit, or maybe you’ve just changed your mind. As long as your items are unused, in their original packaging and returned within 28 days of receipt, just send it back.

Please note, unwanted items are returned at the buyers expense.

If you return an item because it is not as described or it’s damaged, we will replace the item or issue a full refund by the payment method that was received.


Extent of Limited Warranty warrants its products to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two years after original purchase. This warranty only applies to the original owner and is not transferable. Claims under this warranty must be made through the retailer where the wheel was purchased or direct to the Wave Lenticular Ltd via e-mail. Original proof of purchase is required.

Limitations of Liability

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Limitations of Warranty

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  • This warranty shall not cover damages caused by the use of parts of different manufacturers. This warranty shall not cover damages caused by the use of parts that are not compatible, suitable and/ or authorized by Wave Lenticular Ltd.

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Wave Lenticular Design

Using our “Wave Lenticular Design” to it’s full effect, the Revolver’s wide rim platform allows the use of wider 23mm plus+ tyres with lower rolling resistance, while maintaining maximum aerodynamic performance. An unbeatable combination.

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Revolver Disc is designed, manufactured & distributed by Harry Walker, Wave Lenticular Ltd.

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