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THE REVOLVER ASYMM – Worlds fastest road wheel.

The ‘Asymm’ rear wheel is our breakthrough in aerodynamic design which went from an idea, to being riden to Gold in Rio by Dame Sarah Storey in little more than a year.


TT/Triathlon specific
Carbon fibre disc wheel – bonded spoked internal structure
Drive side – 3K Wave Lenticular Design (WLD concept)
Non Drive – 3K Gradual Lenticular Form (GLF concept)
Format – Clincher, Tubular or Tubeless/clincher mat (What’s this?)
Braking face width – 25mm heat resistant
Hub component – DT Swiss, quick release
Cassette Compatibility – Shimano/Sram & Campagnolo 8/9/10 & 11 speed
Brake type – Calliper
Warranty – 18 months
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Asymm 350: Tubular – 1295g | Clincher 1445g

Asymm 240: Tubular – 1245g | Clincher 1395g

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The Asymm disc wheel has a unique Asymmetrical cross section profile never seen or used before, until now!

This breakthrough in design came about by going back to the drawing board and re-designing each side of the wheel independently without letting one side influence the other in terms of appearance.  The result of this process is a wheel with completely different shaped ‘drive’  and ‘non drive’ sides, both using lenticular profiles, but in a different way within the confines of the practical space available.


The drive side of the ‘Asymm’ mimics the ‘Wave Lenticular’ profile (WLD) of the ‘Revolver  CX’ model (2017 Kronos)  with a deep toroidal bulging outer rim that works best with wider tyres from 23mm to 25mm producing much lower rolling resistance without aerodynamic compromise.  This outer shape then flows into a large central lens shaped disc.  This sophisticated shape allows the full use of all cassettes options including 11 speed without obstruction. Overall this results in a more aerodynamic shape with a lower drag than any flat sided or shallow lenticular disc  wheel out there.

The non-drive side of the ‘Asymm’ is completely different.  A deep, perfectly graduated lens (GLF) that makes full use of the lateral space available which is greater due to the lack of the drive-train system.  This is the ultimate shape for a wheel which is usually only seen on the very best track discs wheels available.  There are other lense shaped road disc wheels out there, but non have a lens profile like the ‘Asymm’.

The combination of these two profiles, both the ultimate shape for purpose, results in a wheel with perfect handling and comfort characteristics, lower rolling resistance and of course unparalleled aerodynamics.  Quite simply the fastest TT/Triathlon specific wheel out there,- hands down!


Wind tunnel testing- in the R J Mitchell testing facility at the University of Southampton, England.  The tests we carry out here are cycling specific in terms of the wind speeds and Yaw angles typically encountered by a rider, bike and wheels together, all in motion.  We don’t test wheels on their own, without interaction.


Harry Walker in Tunnel Testing Revolver Disc

Our latest tunnel testing data results are shown here and compare the performance of the ‘Revolver Asymm’ against the ‘Zipp Super 9’, both of which use a wide rim platform, were clincher format and used identical 23mm clincher tyres inflated to 100psi.  Almost 70 valid tests were ran to compile this data which clearly shows that the ‘Asymm’ out performed at all angles and speeds encountered during testing.

CdA figures compiled from data gathered at the RJ Mitchell wind tunnel facility, University of Southampton, England.

5deg 10deg 12.5deg
Revolver Asymm 40kph 0.2409 0.2570 0.2663
Revolver Asymm 50kph 0.2340 0.2502 0.2642
Zipp Super 9 40kph 0.2454 0.2787 0.2942
Zipp Super 9 50kph 0.2394 0.2668 0.2871


Additional information

Cassette Compatibility

Campagnolo, Shimano/SRAM

Decal Colour

Black, Grey, Matte Black Relief, White


DT Swiss 240, DT Swiss 350

Tyre Format

Clincher, Tubeless / Clincher Compatible, Tubular

Lead Time

There is a 2 to 4 week lead time for all Revolver Wheels and 1-2 weeks on all arm rests’


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Wave Lenticular Design

Using our “Wave Lenticular Design” to it’s full effect, the Revolver’s wide rim platform allows the use of wider 23mm plus+ tyres with lower rolling resistance, while maintaining maximum aerodynamic performance. An unbeatable combination.

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Revolver Disc is designed, manufactured & distributed by Harry Walker, Wave Lenticular Ltd.

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